Fibre Bio’s zero wast policy – Reuse the ends of rolls of naturally-dyed fabrics

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As you may have noticed on Fibre Bio’s website, for a few months now, we have been offering on the Eshop naturally dyed and printed fabrics for individuals. But did you know that a majority of them were from the end of rolls from our suppliers or from the recovery of coupons after manufacture?

Let us explain it to you!

First of all, you should know that traditionally, textiles were considered to be high-value goods. Raw materials were woven/knitted in small quantities and most of the production steps (weaving, dyeing, …) were done by hand. As a result, consumers were encouraged to use the entire fabric or at least to maximize its use. Fabrics made of natural dyes are precious and unique, which is why we want to value them until the end through our zero waste policy.


Tissus unis teinture végétale zéro waste


How does the “Zero Waste” policy on the Eshop work? 

When our dyers produce plain or printed fabrics, they always need to allow an extra 2-3% margin for several reasons:

– In order to compensate for possible stain defects

– Because it is necessary to plan a little shrinkage  of the fabric after dyeing.

– Because the first meters of dyeing are tests to ensure the quality of the colors.


Thus, the dyers with whom we collaborate sometimes find themselves with coupons of naturally dyed or printed fabrics. It is therefore quite naturally that we decided to upgrade these coupons by buying from our suppliers their end rolls at the usual production price, allowing them to sell their unused stock without losing money and allowing us to offer you exclusive novelties all year round.

Also note that all the prints offered on the e-shop Fibre Bio belong exclusively to our dyers or to Fibre Bio.

Tissus imprimés zéro waste

For all the fabric coupons resulting from the zero waste policy, there is therefore no new production of material. Moreover, they are available in very limited quantities (between 2 and 10 meters on average). We therefore do not guarantee a restocking on a particular color or pattern because these stocks evolve according to the fabrics that we find at our dyers.

It is thus a question of giving life to already produced fabrics that are just waiting to be adopted and worked on by your pretty little hands!

So, if you crush on a color, a pattern or even both, having the mention zero waste in the product sheet, don’t hesitate too much 🙂


Advantages of reusing the end of productions

Offering end rolls of naturally dyed and printed fabrics offers several advantages:

Tissu imprimé zéro waste1- Give access to everyone to organic cotton, linen or handwoven cotton fabrics in natural dyeing in small quantities. 

For professionals: 

Our minimum orders vary from 80 to 100 meters per color / print, the ends of rolls can be a good compromise to apprehend the natural dyeing and make the first tests before going on the adventure of 100% natural.

For individuals: 

As these coupons can be purchased from 50 cm, it also allows private individuals / freelance designers to work with beautiful 100% natural materials.

2- Continuing to bring to life the artisanal know-how of natural dyeing

As you probably know, natural dyes have almost disappeared since the mass arrival of synthetic dyes. However, there are still people in every part of the world who work with these dyes from plants, fruits or minerals.

By choosing natural dyeing, you participate in making the textile industry more responsible and ecological and encourage this ancestral know-how.

3- Significantly reduce textile waste

According to website, it is estimated that we produce 400 billion square meters of textiles per year. Textile waste generated by French households represents 700,000 tons each year.

By reusing the ends of rolls, we are all contributing, on our own scale, to reducing this textile waste.


We would be curious to learn more about your initiatives to reduce textile waste!

Please tell us what actions you are taking 🙂


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