What is the Fibre Bio Group order?

Twice a year, Fibre Bio organises a group order with the aim of pooling our customers’ purchases so that they can benefit from ethical and ecological products at decreasing prices. The products offered are particularly adapted to the practice of natural dyeing.

If you would like to see the fabrics before ordering, you can order the sample sets here.

To participate,
Pre-order via the tabs in the MENU Group order


Why such an initiative?

The idea for this event came out when we realised that the dyers who are specialised in natural dyes were mainly craftsmen, and that it was often difficult for them to find quality raw materials within their budget. The small volumes of orders quickly prevented them from benefiting from competitive prices and it was necessary to allow our customers to team up to better democratize the practice of natural dyeing.

For Fibre Bio, bulk ordering is a way to create a real platform of ethical fabrics and products to be dyed, but it is also a way to sell with less risk of unsold products, and thus be more viable in the long term.


What’s the principle?

For about 2 weeks, you have the possibility to order our fabrics and products with other customers. When you order, you will be informed of the number of fabrics/products already ordered and the sliding scale prices corresponding to the quantities already ordered.

When you validate your cart, you commit yourself to pay at least this price.

Your final invoice, corresponding to the actual price taking into account the total number ordered per product, will be sent to you the day after the end of the Group order.

How can I participate in the next group order?

Our objective is to continue to develop this project, improve the platform and continue to collaborate with natural dyeing enthusiasts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]