How does it work?

At Fibre Bio, we accompany you in your ecological textile transition by offering 100% natural fabrics and products from fibre to dye and we want your loyalty to be rewarded! 

Thus, for each order placed on the website, you accumulate loyalty points.

1 euro spent = 1 loyalty point
1 loyalty point = 0,03 euros. 

So for 100€ spent = 100 points earned = 3 euros discount to be used on a next order. 

The balance of the earned points is visible on your customer area in the “points” section. They can be used from the second order placed but you can also choose to accumulate points from several orders and use them only later.
Be careful, the points are valid for one year. 

Loyalty points are deductible directly in your shopping cart when you finalize your purchase. 

To benefit from the Fibre Bio loyalty program and accumulate your points, you must be connected to your customer account. 


A total order of 50€ will give you 50 loyalty points convertible into a voucher for 1,50€. This coupon can then be used on your next order, regardless of the amount of this order.

The little extra

Each review written on the product page of an ordered product earns you 5 loyalty points in addition. 


  • Loyalty points work like coupons. They will therefore not be applicable for shipping costs.
  • Shipping fees are excluded when calculating the amount of points earned on your cart.
  • Shopping Points can only be accumulated and used with online orders. 

If you have any questions about the loyalty program, do not hesitate to contact us by email.