Organic cotton Cambric natural dye print – Asymmetrical lines brazil brown

    Why our fabric is eco-responsible?

    Our organic cotton cambric is guaranteed free of GMOs, pesticides and insecticides during its cultivation. Whether you wear it as a long-sleeved t-shirt in a sailor style or as a trendy accessory: this fabric will surprise you with its natural colour Brazil Brown.

    Made in 100% natural dyeing (Brazil Brown) obtained from Madder and Fire Flame Bush flowers.

    In order to avoid any overproduction of fabrics, Fibre Bio is committed to a zero waste policy by recovering the ends of rolls from its suppliers.

    This fabric is unique and there will be no restocking except in the case of professional custom orders.

    So if you really like this fabric, don’t hesitate any longer!

    An artisanal print

    This print was made by craftsmen in India using screen printing frames. Between mix of know-how and passion born the creation of prints woven of stories!

    Want to share your 100% natural creations? Don’t hesitate any longer and join the Fibre Bio community: #FIBREBIO #NATURALDYE

    Width: 115 cm
    GSM : 90g

    10.95 TTC


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