Oct 21
Fibre Bio est certifié GOTS

Fibre Bio is GOTS certified!

Why becoming GOTS certified is important?

When we started our work with Fibre Bio, we were not in favor of the idea for paying for a certification. The main reason was that we believed that it should have been the other companies who did not care about the origin of the products and their impact on society and the environment that should pay penalties and not the reverse. 

Because of excessive greenwashing by some big companies, everyone is lost and certifications such as GOTS, allow people to ensure good practices and trace the origin of the fabrics. 

More and more people are becoming very interested in organic fabrics, and we can only further encourage this change in their way of buying. 

GOTS certification is a guarantee of authenticity and gives access to quality fabrics. 

This standard is considered as “THE” reference standard for sustainable manufacturing of clothes and textiles made from organic fibres.


What does this certification guarantee?




GOTS certification is relatively complete on the textile manufacturing process. It guarantees that products and fabrics contain at least 70% of organic fibres. At Fibre Bio, most of our fabrics are 100% organic.

And that’s not all! Indeed, this certification ensures other factors:



  • GMO and chemical free cotton growing. It is traceable from the cotton field to the end user (this requires transaction certificate between each step).
  • No chemicals used in textile processing that can be harmful to health.
  • Water is managed in a rational and controlled way.
  • Wastewater is treated and targets are set in order to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Social working conditions (based on ILO and UN principles) are guaranteed, such as safe working conditions, non-discrimination and absence of child labor.

In order to ensure all these criteria, inspections are carried out once a year by an independent third party certification unit throughout the entire textile supply chain (from producer to final consumer). For Fibre Bio, it is “ECOCERT” organization. Each step of production, processing and sale is independently certified.


How to buy GOTS certified fabrics from Fibre Bio?

As a first step, only some references of organic cotton fabrics will be certified. If you are also GOTS certified, we will be able to give you a transaction certificate. 

Our suppliers in India can sometimes request minimum orders to produce some fabrics in GOTS with a transaction certificate. So, it is really important to inform us before placing the order that you need this certificate. 


Can I resell a fabric saying that it is GOTS certified?

Be careful! To resell a GOTS certified fabric mentioning this certification, you have to be certified as well! However, when you buy GOTS certified fabrics, you have the proof that it respects many quality criterias.


Is natural dye GOTS certified?

Natural dye is an ancestral know-how that is unfortunately not part of the GOTS certification. It means that a GOTS certified dyed fabric does not necessarily use 100% organic dyes. However, the certification guarantees that no products harmful for the health (currently forbidden by the European Union), is used in the dyeing process. If you want to buy GOTS certified fabrics that are 100% natural, you will have to be careful about the different products that have been used in the dyeing process and ask the company which supplies you the fabrics.


Here is Fibre Bio’s certificate:

Certificat GOTS Fibre Bio

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