Fibre Bio offers fabrics and products made from 100% vegetable fibres or animal fibres.

Vegetable fibres


Linen comes from a plant which requires very less water and no insecticides and pesticides. These properties makes linen an ecological choice.

In addition to being very soft, linen is known for its absorbing properties.

Linen is very famous for its resistance. Thanks to its strong fibres, it is perfect to make any type of garment or accessory.

The linen fibres we use are European certified named Oeko Tex and we supply directly from a weaving factory in India.

Fleur de lin

We offer 3 different fabrics made from linen fibres which have different GSM. Find Florida linen, Texas linen and Toronto linen to dye on our Eshop.

You can also find our Aman and Indra linen scarves and also our linen collection in the garment category.



All our cotton fabrics (except Recycle and Khadi) are organic.

We guarantee fabrics without the use of any chemicals throughout the production process.

Cotton is well known for its comfort and its quality of absorption.


In our references: Voile, Cambric, Poplin, Jersey, Waffle, Terry cloth, Canvas and Twill.

Find them in fabrics to dye on our Eshop or in accessories in the scarves category.

Animal fibres


We offer wild silk (peace silk) which has varied shades and textures depending on the types of worms, its feeding and also the climatic conditions. The production is completely hand-made. We work with a village community specialised in the spinning and weaving of this precious silk.

Silk fibres have an irregular appearance and a rather dry touch because the threads are very short as the butterflies that comes out from the cocoon.

Silk is a fibre that can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

We also offer satin silk called habotai silk particularly for the Trisha scarf.

Vers à soie



We offer different weaving of Merino wool. Wool is a naturally soft, resilient, insulating and absorbent fibre. Our scarves and woolen fabrics and produced in 2 different regions of India (Punjab and West Bengal).


Wool has many properties such as regulating and transferring humidity, which allows this fibre to protect us from the cold but also heat and humidity.

Find our scarves made in 100% Wool Neha and Dipti and our scarf made in 70% Wool and 30% Silk Smita.


Cashmere fibre is ultra thin and soft. It comes from the long and silky hairs of cashmere goats. Like wool, cashmere too absorbs the air humidity. Its insulating properties can vary according to the relative humidity in the air. At an equivalent weight, cashmere is warmer, softer and more isothermal than wool.

Find our Diya scarf 100% Cashmere.


Semi-artificial fibre 



Modal is a semi-artificial cellulosic fibre made from beech wood. Modal fibre is approximately 2 times thinner that cotton fibres. It is a light and soft fabric with absorbent and resistant properties.

Find our Modal on the Eshop.

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