A journey discovering natural dyeing… Fibre Bio’s story

Fibre Bio

“After completing my business studies at Esc Grenoble, I traveled for over a year to understand cultures in Asia and America. In 2015 I left for Kolkata, India to work for a social and solidarity company (Shuktara Cakes) for a year. The various eye opening encounters made during my journey gave me the desire and strength to create a new dream called Fibre Bio.” Laura, founder of Fibre Bio.

“Having completed my education in business management I started to work in my family tea business. I met Laura when she was working in Kolkata who passed on her passion for natural products and convinced me on the importance of changing their attitude for a more sustainable living.The different trips we made to meet fabric suppliers and artisans involved in natural dyeing really persuaded us for the need to create Fibre Bio.Together we observed the impact of the textile industry in developing countries and we noticed the effects of this sector on the local population.” Mayank, partner and supplier of Fibre Bio.


It all started in India…


The meeting between Mayank and Laura, the desire to find a work that resembles them, but above all the meeting with incredible people who struggle for the respect of nature and working conditions in a sector which is adversely affected by industrialization.



The collapse of the Rana Plaza, Bangladesh is one of the most illustrative examples and it was also the starting point of awareness building for the two founders of Fibre Bio. Unfortunately, this event also illustrates perfectly the lack of transparency in the textile sector and the difficulties for the consumers to trace the origin of their clothes. But that’s not all!

Discovering natural dyeing

tissus teinture végétaleLiving in India, they could directly see the consequences of the use of chemicals from an ecological and health point of view. Although these dyes were the only unique colors for our clothing for nearly 5,000 years, but now they have almost fallen into oblivion in less than 200 years. Following meetings with dyeing artisans perpetuating the tradition in India like France, it seemed natural to help them and to collaborate for a return to a natural fashion.
Through their travels and meetings, they discovered and became passionate about organic cotton products and vegetable dyes and their many benefits.


And the creation of Fibre Bio


Fibre Bio

This is how they created Fibre Bio in order to make consumers and professionals have easy access to ecological fabrics and products with many benefits to our planet and for our health.