Welcome to the Fibre Bio shop.

Through various collaborations with artisan dyers, discover our different ranges of fabrics in 100% natural fabrics and natural dyes.
Many fabrics are offered on this shop in limited editions for prints or in small quantities for plain dyed fabrics. Our stocks evolve as we collaborate and our approach is to produce above all on demand in order to avoid unsold items as much as possible.

All dyed fabrics are available in small quantities but it is also possible to reproduce the fabric in larger quantities according to your needs from 50 meters.


Discover the incredible colours of nature with plain dyed fabrics. 
Available on the shop in limited stocks or on request.


All prints are produced by hand and the printing methods can also vary: Screen printing, block printing, batik, Tie & dye, mordant printing.

Artisanal fabrics

Rediscover the pleasure of working with exceptional fabrics, splendid and unique fabrics to be dyed or dyed with vegetable dyes, honouring the hand-made from spinning and/or weaving. This range is enriched as we meet with talented craftsmen.