Ethical Fashion by Fibre Bio



This article was written with humility. We know that our approach can be improved and that it is possible to make more than we already do. However we strive, with all our means, to do the best to protect our beautiful planet.


With time, we would like to get closer to our goals. It is a long process but we are really motivated to achieve our goals.


Well, how does ethical works at Fibre Bio ?

The first ethical approach which is the origins of Fibre Bio, is that we make the choice of natural fibres and dyes that are harmless to health and environment.


We also believe in a new concept that we created: the group orders. For two reasons:

  • the first one is to limit the ecological impact of transportations
  • the second one is to allow small textile players to have access to natural fabrics at a very reasonable price. Indeed, working with bigger quantity will lower the prices for everybody.


We are paying attention to the places where our products and fabrics are manufactured. It means that, when it is possible, we centralize the different stages of conception to limit the products movements and, therefore, their less carbon footprint and optimizing the production process.


Then, it is essential for us to ensure about the good social practices of our suppliers: decent wages, no child labour, factories conform to good standards, schedules, … That’s the reason why we regularly visit the production places, in order to maintain and continue good standards.

We are really careful about the preservation and handover of the know-how of natural dye. This ancestral know-how passed through ages and lasted for thousands of years. That is the reason why it is important for us to maintain it. We keep informing people about the techniques used and also explain its benefits for our health.

We also want to fight alongside these entrepreneurs who chose to bring good practices in India and care about protecting their ecosystem and health.


Finally, it is important for us to encourage and maintain the French textile channel. Dyer masters have a priceless know-how, full of history. That is the reason why it is essential for us to support this booming local craft.