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Why natural dye has disappeared from our wardrobes?

  Natural dye is an ancestral know-how which consists in dyeing fabrics with natural dyes [...]

Looking for forgotten know-how…

  In November, we went back on the Indian roads to discover new artisans mastering [...]

Indian Fabric: Khadi – Handwoven Tradition & Craftsmanship

Khadi is a traditional Indian fabric, spun and woven by hand, respecting the environment. It [...]

Why our fabrics are adapted to natural dye?

  Fibre Bio was born with the desire to offer ecological and sustainable solutions, alternatives [...]

5 good reasons to go with natural dye

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Top 5 chemical substances that we find in our clothes

It is by becoming aware of the extreme negative impact of synthetic dyes that we [...]

5 steps hidden behind your clothes production

  With industrialisation and mass production, we quickly forgot the multitude of jobs that are [...]

Ethical Fashion by Fibre Bio

  This article was written with humility. We know that our approach can be improved [...]

Fibre Bio trip: let’s meet our suppliers

As you may know, new projects are going on! We wish to develop our own [...]

Sur la route de la teinture végétale.

Mais Fibre Bio, c’est qui ? C’est quoi ? Comment et pourquoi ? Toutes les [...]

Carnet de voyage #1 – Rencontre avec Bleu de Lectoure

  Jeudi 15 Janvier, nous arrivons dans le très joli village de Lectoure, dans le [...]