Fibre Bio trip: let’s meet our suppliers

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As you may know, new projects are going on! We wish to develop our own basic products, timeless and still 100% natural and ethical. So, it was time to go back to India to meet professionals of natural dye and organic cotton with whom we work.

This time, it was my turn to leave… let’s go I bring you with me: welcome India!


05/10/17: Ahmedabad

It is in Ahmedabad, in the North-West of India that we started our journey. There, we met dyers with whom we collaborated and we selected, with them, the colours for our winter collection.

Programme includes: tests, samplings and natural dye ateliers for Fibre Bio’s team. .



After 5 days spent in Ahmedabad with our partner Krish, we reached Tirupur in order to visit the confection atelier that will be in charge of the cutting and sewing.



From left to right: Mayank, Laura and Krish who helps us coordinate the production from the purchase of organic cotton till the delivery in France. 


05/16/17: Tirupur

After a flight and the night spent on the bus, here we are – finally – arrived in Tirupur. This city from the south of India in a reference in Jersey clothes confection – perfect for t-shirts for example!

We stayed 3 days there in order to develop prototypes but also to verify social practices of our partners.

We finally choose to work with three small production units with whom Krish collaborates since few years. Each of them provides work to about 15 people. Moreover, in addition to the fact that they are well kept, our supplier give a decent wage and good working conditions to their employees.

Last step of this trip, Fibre Bio’s office in India, in Siliguri in the Darjeeling region. Do you remember? It is where Mayank is from!



05/22/17: Siliguri

These last days of our journey were marked by the meeting with the NGO Prerana Educational Center with whom we choose to engage. Indeed, for each product sold on our next collections, we decided to donate 1€ in order to contribute to their actions’ development.


Why this choice would you say? It has always been important for us to add to our approach a solidarity action and as Mayank supports this NGO since many years, it was natural for us to keep going on our engagement with Fibre Bio.

The NGO Prerana Educational Center is a wonderful school, in the middle of nature, created more than 20 years ago by a wonderful woman. This association welcomes hundreds of disables young children from the Darjeeling region, who live and study in this heaven of peace. The money given will mostly be used to pay the confection atelier that was created for kids who are done with school and who would like to learn this job. 



We ended this trip in the Yoga center (Petrichor) where we took the first pictures of our very new prototypes: t-shirts! 

See you soon for new adventures!

Naturally yours,

Fibre Bio